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Nakama.IHttpAdapter Interface Reference

An adapter which implements the HTTP protocol. More...

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Public Member Functions

Task< string > SendAsync (string method, Uri uri, IDictionary< string, string > headers, byte[] body, int timeoutSec=3, CancellationToken? userCancelToken=null)
 Send a HTTP request. More...


TransientExceptionDelegate TransientExceptionDelegate [get]
ILogger Logger [get, set]
 The logger to use with the adapter. More...

Detailed Description

An adapter which implements the HTTP protocol.

Member Function Documentation

◆ SendAsync()

Task< string > Nakama.IHttpAdapter.SendAsync ( string  method,
Uri  uri,
IDictionary< string, string >  headers,
byte[]  body,
int  timeoutSec = 3,
CancellationToken?  userCancelToken = null 

Send a HTTP request.

methodHTTP method to use for this request.
uriThe fully qualified URI to use.
headersRequest headers to set.
bodyRequest content body to set.
timeoutSecRequest timeout.
userCancelTokenA user-generated token that can be used to cancel the request.
A task which resolves to the contents of the response.

Implemented in Nakama.HttpRequestAdapter.

Property Documentation

◆ Logger

ILogger Nakama.IHttpAdapter.Logger

The logger to use with the adapter.

Implemented in Nakama.HttpRequestAdapter.

◆ TransientExceptionDelegate

TransientExceptionDelegate Nakama.IHttpAdapter.TransientExceptionDelegate

Implemented in Nakama.HttpRequestAdapter.

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