Nakama .NET 3.1.1
.NET client for Nakama server written in C
Nakama.IWriteTournamentRecordRequestTournamentRecordWrite Interface Reference

Record values to write. More...

Inherited by Nakama.WriteTournamentRecordRequestTournamentRecordWrite.


string Metadata [get]
 A JSON object of additional properties (optional). More...
string Score [get]
 The score value to submit. More...
string Subscore [get]
 An optional secondary value. More...

Detailed Description

Record values to write.

Property Documentation

◆ Metadata

string Nakama.IWriteTournamentRecordRequestTournamentRecordWrite.Metadata

A JSON object of additional properties (optional).

◆ Score

string Nakama.IWriteTournamentRecordRequestTournamentRecordWrite.Score

The score value to submit.

◆ Subscore

string Nakama.IWriteTournamentRecordRequestTournamentRecordWrite.Subscore

An optional secondary value.

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